Ather Energy, an Indian electric vehicle (EV) startup, was founded by Tarun Mehta and Swapnil Jain in 2013. The company’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in India by designing and manufacturing smart, electric two-wheelers. With a focus on sustainable mobility and advanced technology, Ather Energy aims to revolutionize the Indian automobile industry.

The Genesis – Birth:

Founders: Tarun Mehta and Swapnil Jain, both graduates from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras, joined forces to establish Ather Energy. They shared a common vision of transforming the Indian automobile sector by offering electric vehicles with superior performance, technology, and user experience. Ideation: Ather Energy’s ideation process involved deep market analysis and understanding consumer pain points. The founders identified the limitations of existing EVs, such as limited range, lack of charging infrastructure, and outdated technology. They aimed to address
these challenges and offer a compelling alternative to traditional fossil fuel-powered vehicles.

The Disruption and Innovation – Uniqueness of the Product, Market Disruption:

The uniqueness of the Product: Ather Energy’s flagship product, the Ather 450X electric scooter, stands out for its unique features and advanced technology. It offers impressive performance with a top speed of 80 km/h and a range of approximately 85 km on a single charge. The scooter incorporates a sophisticated touchscreen dashboard, over-the-air updates, and smart connectivity, providing an enhanced user experience.

Market Disruption:

Ather Energy disrupted the Indian electric vehicle market by introducing a high-performance electric scooter with advanced features and a focus on user experience. The company addressed critical barriers to EV adoption, such as range anxiety and lack of charging infrastructure, by developing the Ather Grid—a network of fast-charging stations
strategically placed in key cities. This charging infrastructure played a crucial role in enabling EV owners to charge their vehicles conveniently, thus fostering the growth of the EV ecosystem.

The Journey – Process, Success, Failure, etc:

Ather Energy’s journey has been marked by a combination of successes and challenges as they worked towards establishing a strong presence in the Indian market. R&D and Product Development: The company invested significant resources in research and development to engineer high-performance electric scooters. They collaborated with
experts and focused on leveraging advanced technologies to enhance the efficiency, range, and overall performance of their products.

Manufacturing and Production:

Ather Energy faced initial challenges in scaling up production and ensuring efficient manufacturing processes. The company aimed to maintain stringent quality standards while ensuring timely delivery to customers. They implemented lean manufacturing principles and collaborated with trusted partners to streamline their production operations.


Ather Energy’s commitment to innovation and customer-centric approach has resulted in several notable achievements. The Ather 450X received widespread acclaim for its performance, features, and design. The company gained a strong customer base in multiple cities, with customers appreciating the seamless ownership experience, smart features, and responsive after-sales service. Ather Energy’s success also extends to the establishment of the Ather Grid, which has become a crucial part of India’s EV infrastructure.

Failures and Learnings:

Like any startup, Ather Energy encountered challenges and faced setbacks along the way. They experienced delays in product launches and encountered hurdles in achieving production scalability. However, the company demonstrated resilience and used these setbacks as learning opportunities to refine their processes, improve operational efficiency, and deliver a better product to their customers.

The Scaling – Funding Rounds:

Ather Energy has successfully raised funding through multiple rounds: Series A: Ather Energy raised its initial funding of $1 million in 2014, led by Tiger Global.
Series B: In 2015, the company secured $12 million in Series B funding, with participation from investors like Flipkart co-founders Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal.
Series C: Ather Energy raised $51 million in Series C funding in 2018, led by Sachin Bansal, Hero MotoCorp, and others. This funding helped them scale up manufacturing and expand their presence.

The Global Impact – Shift in the Industry Globally:

While Ather Energy primarily operates in India, their success and innovative approach have drawn attention globally. The company’s focus on creating a robust electric vehicle ecosystem, including charging infrastructure, has influenced discussions on EV adoption in other countries.

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